The Panel Stand

  • $1,187.00


A strong, lightweight crank stand with low profile legs for clearance of long, wide, or low hanging panel lights, balloon lights, large monitors, LED screens, overhead frames, and backdrops. The stand comes equipped with a balanced & built-in carry handle for transport and will fold up tight for storage. The main column can be adjusted and lowered at the leg base. The low rolling base makes it possible to roll underneath furniture, vehicles, and many other set ups with low clearance.

Key Features:

  • Low-low rolling base w/premium Tente casters
  • Ergonomic and balanced carry handle
  • Folds up small and tight for storage
  • Wide and dynamic height range - 55" to 130"
  • 100lb weight capacity
  • Pins for hanging on a mombo combo door rack
Features and Benefits
  • Staight tracking, multi-direction locking, non-marking Tente casters. Best braking casters available.
  • Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.
  • Spring loaded rising knurled baby pin.
  • Guy Wire Collar allows user to stabalize raised load.
  • Integrated carry handle that folds up tight for storage
  • V-shaped Posi-V-Lock junior reciever.

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