Matthshield Floppy

  • $301.00

The Matthshield Floppy from Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. is fast and simple protection for your crew, actors, and equipment. Offering an easily maneuverable partition made with clear marine vinyl that functions as a UV protectant, Matthshield Floppy mounts onto any stand or grip gear on set, shielding cameras and crew from splattering special effects and providing a safety barrier for actors to aid in preventing COVID transmission.


  • Durable, optically clear marine vinyl withstands shifting temperatures
  • Provides UV protection, does not yellow or become brittle over time
  • 40"x40" size fits easily into hatchback-sized vehicles
  • Folds out to 40"x80"
  • 3/8" pin fits standard grip equipment
  • Stainless Steel 40"x40" frame

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