Gobo Plate Family

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Gobo Plate™ is a simple and versatile mounting adapter that adds compatibility to your gear. From camera equipment to building materials like lumber, Gobo Plate™ offers a wide array of mounting options. Designed to interface with any 2.5” grip head, Gobo Plate™ has thoughtfully spaced holes for bolting on pins, ball heads and other camera accessories, as well as holes that allow the plate to be screwed or nailed to lumber, apple boxes, overhead beams, set walls and more. Gobo Plate™ mounts to stand risers and cart legs— ready to add efficiency and versatility to your gear.


Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. adds to the Gobo Plate™ line with another clever product featuring the industry standard 5/8” pin debuted by Matthews decades ago. Gobo Plate™ Baby Pin is designed to mount onto standard 2.5” Grip heads; bolt onto Cheeseplates; and screw or nail onto set walls, Apple Boxes, lumber and beams; with its well-thought-out Gobo Plate bracket. Add an industry standard 5/8” Baby Pin wherever it’s needed, whether supporting a lighting unit or a grip modifier, or simply trying to join gear in unconventional angles.


  • T-slot with V centering quickly secures grip head mounting
  • Two each ½” diameter, three each 3/8” diameter, and six each ¼” diameter spaced circular cutouts allow mounting to heads, lumber, beams, set walls, and more.
  • Safety hole on baby pin allows mounted units to be secured.
  • Carabiner hole placement prevents plate from coming out of grip head as well as allowing plate to be safely tethered when rigged.
  • Pin finds center when used with a grip head as a drop down.
  • Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.


  • Machined out of a single sheet of 1/8” thick steel with a welded baby pin
  • Clear zinc coating
  • Weight: 13.1 oz.
  • Dimensions: 3” x 9.5”


Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. expands the Gobo Plate™ line with an affordable on-set grip tool that’s easy for anyone to use. Gobo Plate™ Media Mount is designed to rapidly and safely mount monitors onto C-Stands using standard 2.5” Grip heads. The simplicity and versatility of the Gobo Plate™ Media Mount system offers speed and adaptability amongst the ever-changing nature of set work, allowing monitors to be mounted wherever necessary and easily adjusted whenever necessary.


  • Mounts to 75mm and 100mm VESA hole pattern
  • T-slot with V centering quickly secures 2.5” grip head mounting
  • Tethered and removable locking pin secures mount in the open and closed position
  • Five each ½” diameter, and six each ¼” diameter spaced circular cutouts allow bolting to cheese plate, lumber, beams, set walls, or rod pass through.
  • Two slots at hinge end fit red hook and loop straps for cable management and organization
  • Low profile design folds down flat to remain on the monitor for the next location.
  • Safety cable hole in the back of the plate provides added security for hanging monitors overhead


  • Machined out of a single sheet of 1/8” thick steel
  • Clear zinc coating on outer side, black powder coating on VESA mounting bracket
  • Weight: 16.9 oz
  • 7” x 4.6”, with folded depth of 1.4” and open depth of 5.75”


Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. introduces the big brother to the innovative Gobo Plate™, designed to interface with the standard 4.5” Grip Head. Gobo Plate™ XL offers an array of unique mounting options and safety features for heavy-duty rigging. A go-to heavy duty problem solver, Gobo Plate™ XL’s 9-gauge thick steel construction makes it one of the stongest tools in the workbox, ready to stand up to the daily abuse of the rigging world. Whether supporting pipe, camera rigs, set-walls, or standard grip gear, the Gobo Plate™ XL is tailored to the demands of our industry.

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  • Two T-slots with V centering quickly secure grip head mounting
  • Four each ½” diameter holes for pear-snap placement prevent 4.5" grip head removal when loose, allowing plate to be safely captured when rigged
  • 12 each 3/8” bolt holes and 20 each screw or nail holes secure the plate to set walls and lumber
  • One 5/8” hole in the center of the plate to receive baby pins, 5/8” rods and mount half grid clamps
  • Six evenly spaced markers on the edges allow for placement at a 45-degree angle without needing to measure it out


  • Machined out of a single sheet of 9-gauge thick steel
  • Clear zinc coating
  • Weight: 31.4 oz.
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 10.5”

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