Infinity Arm

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Superior Strength. Interchangeable Tips. Infinite uses...

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Infinity Arm is a versatile cine arm used to mount cameras, lights, monitors and anything else you require. The Infinity Arm is a fully articulated arm equipped with 360degrees rotate-able and interchangeable, ball-in-socket, quick release tips for adding and removing accessories quickly and efficiently. The Infinity Arm is the strongest articulating cine arm on the market, with a weight capacity of 15-32lbs depending on the configuration.

The Infinity Arm is manufactured in two identical sections. Both sections are equipped with removable ball-in-socket assemblies at their outer end, and joined at their common center point by a radial rosette, designed to assemble and lock the two independent arms simultaneously into their desired positions for optimal functionality and accessory placement. PATENT PENDING.

- 100% manufacture in California, USA
- Capacity: 15lbs+ (7kg+)
- Length including tips: 10" (w/o tips 9")
- Arm Weight: 1.5lbs (.6kg)
- Materials: CNC'd Tool Steel and 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
- Material Finishes: Type 3 military grade black anodize and a proprietary electroless nickel phosphorus

Ice shot includes the Kit, Cheese Plate Adapter, Super Mafer Clamp and a GoPro mount.  The Infinity arms mounts to the cheese plate adapter to the mafer to grab the front of the vehicle while the Infinity Arm and GoPro mount holds the camera.

Waterfall shot includes the Mini Matthellini Clamp and the Really Right Stuff Camera Mount.  While traveling on foot to exotic places it can be difficult to carry a lot of gear.  Strip down to tripod, camera(s), lense(s) and Infinity arm and accessories; shoot long exposures and timelapse with two different camera and lens packages off the same tripod at the same time.

Infinity Arm Kit includes:
Infinity Arm, [2] 1/4"-20 Male Thread Ball Tips, Soft Carrying Case

Infinity Arm delivers ease of mind with a redundant locking system. IN addition to the trigger release, the center knob must be loosened all the way in order to remove the tips. A 60 section, center rosette givex maximum strength and adjustability. Pre-mounted tips allow for quick connect/disconnect.

Infinity Arm Introduction from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.

Infinity Arm Tips and Instructions from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.

Infinity Arm - A Day in the Life from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.

429626-1: 1/4"-20 Female - Attach accessories with standard 1/4"-20 male tripod thread.
429626-2: 1/4"-20 Male Thread - Attach smaller cameras including DSLR's and mirrorless cameras, as well as smaller monitors, lights, cages, and many other accessories. The most common thread attachment in the imaging world.
429626-3: 3/8"-16 Female - Attach accessories with standard 3/8"-16 male tripod thread.
429626-4: 3/8"-16 Male Thread - Attach larger cameras, monitors, lights, camera cages, and many other industry accessories. Larger than the 1/4"-20 and the second most common thread attachment in the imaging world.
429626-5: GoPro Mount - Attach to the Infinity GoPro action cam mount. Machined out of a single piece of aluminum and comes with machined locking knob.
429626-6: 5/8" Female Receiver - Attach to clamps, stands or other grip gear that that uses a standard 5/8" baby pin. Receiver is machined (not casted) and comes with the lock down T-handle.
429626-7: Infinity Mini Matthellini Clamp - Attach to round or rectangular items up to 2" in diameter such as pipes and table tops. Ideal for rigging cameras and accessories almost anywhere.
429626-8: Male Cold Shoe Mount - Attach DSLR's, mirrorless cameras, lights, microphones and other accessories with female shoe mounts.
429626-9: 5/8" Baby Pin - Attach lights with bale blocks, grip heads, or other grip gear that uses a standard 5/8" receiver.
429626-11: Cheese Plate Kit - Super Mafer Adapter Mount attaches to all standard cheese plates and camera hole patterns with 1" center to center holes, accommodating both 3/8" and 1/4" threads. Also attaches to Mafer, Super and other similar clamps. Dual screw mount design virtually eliminates spin off.
The Cheese Plate Kit comes with following hardware:
(1) Cheese Plate Tip
(2) 3/8" bolts and nuts
(2) 1/4-20" bolts and nuts
(2) 10-32" screws
429704: Infinity Monitor Mount - Strong, versatile and compact monitor mount, fits 75mm/100mm VESA.

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