Matthews Slider 29", 35", 45", 70"

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Matthews Studio Equipment complements your creativity with Matthews-Slider: a camera platform that is extremely sturdy and lightweight owing to its innovative open frame construction. It is both camera operator and grip friendly, being virtually maintenance free (just keep it clean) and totally field adjustable with few basic tools: one 7/16" open wrench and a set of Allen wrenches.

It can work upside-down for low-angle shots, can support more than one carriage at a time for A and B camera shots, and it has positive lock at 90 degrees when in use on most dollies (Chapman, Fisher, Panther, etc.). Each carriage can support up to 175lbs (80kg) - bracing of tracks might be necessary.

The system uses proprietary wheels with ABEC5 stainless bearings with ceramic balls which make it very fast and extremely quiet. The Matthews-Slider comes in four basic sizes: 29", 35", 45" and 70" (74cm, 89cm, 114cm and 178cm) and is also available in many custom lengths in 4.75" (12cm) increments between cross members up to 12' (366cm). Each foot/track adds approximately 3lbs (1.4kg).  

Brake (2) & Tension Adjustment Knobs (2); Guide markers for repeat camera positions and easy focus pulling Adjustable Levelers & Swivel Feet Go inverted! Easily mount the system upside down! Counterweight and safety straps may be required
Fully factory assembled, the system will accept any gear head/fluid head/camera combination. It comes complete with Mitchell swivel base, Mitchell carriage, Mitchell 2" riser, filler plate, slim design locking handle, a set of leveling legs 0" to 6-3/4" (2x4", 2x6"), extra 3/8-16" screws and a set of spanner wrenches. The Matthews-Slider comes with numerous 3/8-16" tapped holes for rigging and securing. Additional accessories available from Matthews (bowl adapters, rigging spigots, etc.). Conveniently sized to fit in Pelican rifle/long cases series 1700.
415173 Matthews Ball Head Adapter used to mount the slider on Junior devices Runway Bases (2) & BH Adapters (2) for a Rolling LoPro Setup LoBoy Combo (2) & BH Adapters (2)
Different Sizes Available 29", 35", & 45" (74cm, 89cm, & 114cm) Soft and Hard Stops: Double Rubber Loops for an Extremely Smooth Stop System 429779 5/8" Baby Adapters; The 3/8-5/8" adapters will allow secure mounting and rigging of the slider almost anywhere
Mount Two Carriages for A & B Camera Setups, Extra Carriages Sold Separately 3/8" Tapped Holes Everywhere! A minimum of 60 threaded holes per unit for carriage rigging!

  *** The family of Matthews-Sliders not only give you extremely smooth camera movement, they also add stability in otherwise challenging lock-off positions. For example, getting the camera off a ledge or window-sill and trusting that it won't hurt your talent down below. All four of the standard sizes are completely modular, allowing offset mounting of the rotating Mitchell base to extend the reach of the system. This feature may be used for table top, car interior and many other situations. The Matthews-Slider gives you many options for incredibly solid, and quiet camera movement for an affordable price.

PN 377742 MatthewsSLIDER 29" Suggested List Price $4950.00 shipping dims & weights: 37”x5”x15” @ 41 lbs
PN 377743
MatthewsSLIDER 35" Suggested List Price $5300.00 shipping dims & weights: 37”x5”x15” @43 lbs
PN 377744
MatthewsSLIDER 45" Suggested List Price $5800.00 shipping dims & weights: 46”x5”x15” @ 48lbs
PN 377752
MatthewsSLIDER 70" Suggested List Price $6900.00

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Matthews Slider from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.

Matthews Slider from Matthewsgrip on Vimeo.