Holiday Hours

It's the Holidays...but that doesn't seem to slow down production! There’s so many shows meeting deadlines--and let's not forget those awesome live events our families love to watch (while you’re out there in your parkas, operating camera or rigging that last light or flag).

Matthews has been there for you before and we're here for you this year. In fact, we're adding some Holiday Magic to our normal hours. Ed knows everyone in this town, but we didn't realize his contacts went so far north! He called in a few favors, and we have our very own Elf to help make sure you get what you need.

We're open 8 to 5 as usual, just like those eponymous elves up North. We did have to take a few days off--our Elf still needed to be all hands on deck for his biggest work days on December 24 and 25. But around that, well...we've got you covered...or supported...or well shaded...or get the idea.

Keep a close eye on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and watch our Elf work his magic. And don't hesitate to call us if you need something--we'll be here, Empowering You With Confidence To Create.